What Can an Energy Solutions Company Do To Help Businesses Recover?

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing companies across the U.S. to reexamine priorities and refocus their efforts. Fashion retailers are making protective masks; automakers are manufacturing ventilators, grocery stores are setting aside special hours for seniors to shop, IT companies are helping hospitals share data quickly. And the list goes on.

So, all of us at SmartWatt are asking, how can we help? What can an energy company do that will improve working conditions and help companies recover?

Well, we have a few ideas, and we’d like to put out an offer to help with any issues that may be impacting your organization as you embark on the path to sustainable recovery.

For example, would your people and facilities benefit from enhanced filtration and improved air quality? Could the increased productivity and safety achieved through lighting and ventilation improvements give your organization a competitive edge? Are you unclear regarding the best approach to cleaning, sanitizing, and optimizing equipment after it’s been idle? Or, are you merely concerned about the impact high utility and maintenance costs will have on your operating budget once your back up and running?

If so, we’d like to help.

SmartWatt has significant local resources that can help plan, manage, and execute almost any facility-related service. We can provide technical and management support, installation labor, procurement, and materials and, perhaps most importantly, funding solutions for a broad range of issues that can help attain short and long-term recovery goals.

If you have a thought on how we can provide assistance, we encourage you to reach out to us. If we can’t help you immediately, perhaps we can guide you to a partner or another firm that can. We’d be honored to do whatever we can to help with your recovery.

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