SmartWatt’s CIO Tracy Nolan To Teach Technology Leadership Course at Columbia Business School

SmartWatt’s Vice President of Information Systems, Tracy Nolan, will teach technology leadership to up and coming executives about how to realize their success during a course offered through the Columbia Business School.

The course, “Future Success In The Hotseat” is part of a three day summit for promising executives at the Columbia Technology Leadership Institute, part of the Columbia Business School in New York City.

The potential next generation’s chief information officers (CIOs) and chief information security officers (CISOs) from companies across the country are expected to attend the “Technology Leadership in the 21st Century” course. The course is designed to have attendees learn how to best develop their skills to meet the challenges of the increasingly digitized world.

The rising stars in this course are on the top rung of the IT ladder and ready to step off to become top executives. However, Nolan said, “often what got them to where they are, won’t get them to where they have to lead their organizations in their next role”.

“The expectations are high and their initial performance needs to meet the demands of tech driven business operations and technology starved 21st century customers,” he said. “They need to quickly acclimate and exceed corporate suite expectations by operating as strategic business leaders.”

Nolan said just because a person is great at IT doesn’t make them great at leading a team or company. His course will focus on skills not taught in typical IT classes like: creating and implementing a strategic vision, devising actionable plans that achieve organization goals, and leadership traits to inspire a company.

“This summit really nurtures emerging leaders in the technology industry and I look forward to helping them hone their skills to make them great future executives,” Nolan said.

Nolan will also touch on new trends in the energy systems optimization industry and where IT fits into the Internet of Things movement.

“I am fortunate to work for SmartWatt, a company leading the way in energy optimization,”  he said. “I love talking about what we do and where we are going. I am excited to share what I have learned with others. Using technology to make our energy systems smarter is not just good business, it’s great for our planet. In the future, by using the Internet of Things(IoT) and SmartWatt’s great people and processes, we will be uniquely positioned to continue to be a trusted value added advisor to our customers. Our technology improves their bottom line, optimizes their infrastructures and enhances the comfort of their users.””

The tech leadership institute is a world-class program focused on the highest business priority — developing the talents of security and IT executives. These attendees are the potential future CIOs and CISOs of Fortune 500 sized organizations. The institute’s custom curriculum prepares these leaders to face the challenges of a daunting security and information technology landscape, said Ben Graves, program director of  the Technology Leadership Institute for Evanta Executive Summit, which hosts the program.

Graves said the goal of the summit is to have people leave inspired and ready to innovate when they return to work.

“Combining world class business professors with accomplished and respected executives like Mr. Nolan is very powerful,” Graves said. “Our leadership board helps us set the agenda and having polished IT executives sharing their breadth of knowledge and first hand experience is invaluable.”

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