Optimized Public Infrastructure to Better Serve the People

It’s incumbent on public servants to be vigilant about public expenditures and take full advantage of opportunities to support cleaner, more sustainable energy. As we do with every client, we ensure a project you can be proud of – and we hold ourselves to the higher standard of transparency and accountability a taxpayer-funded project demands.

Our Approach

We engineer the risks and costs out of systems upgrades. We can modernize and finance infrastructure improvements without additional funding or costly change orders.

We are one team from day one: you’ll deal with a single team of people to ensure greater accountability, reliability, transparency, and simplicity – with direct access to our best experts.

We help you unlock your energy for the greater good – and help you communicate the financial, organizational, and human value of your infrastructure upgrades to all relevant stakeholders.

We provide accuracy and flexibility from start to finish to ensure that all your stakeholders have a voice and your project accomplishes everything it possibly can.

Fully managed projects to minimize the energy intensity within State buildings, allowing legislators and officials to better serve constituents

Many historic state capitals and aging administrative buildings are equipped with inefficient energy systems that waste taxpayer money. We provide retrofits and infrastructure upgrades to optimize energy while preserving historical landmarks. With complete project management from start to finish, we can complete projects with no up-front costs or disruptions so officials can focus on improving the lives of constituents.

Solutions to minimize the energy intensity within Federal facilities for a more efficient government

As the largest energy consumer in the United States, the Federal government devotes considerable tax-funded resources to powering the buildings and facilities of its agencies. SmartWatt provides comprehensive energy management solutions to help finance, design, and implement budget-neutral energy optimization projects that verifiably reduce consumption, emissions, and costs for satisfied citizens.

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Comprehensive and budget-neutral energy optimization solutions to increase the quality of life in local communities

At the local government level, many municipal and county administrations lack the personnel and funding to implement energy optimization projects. We provide turnkey solutions to handle every phase of project implementation including financing with Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) where we front the costs of energy infrastructure improvements allowing communities to enjoy cheaper, sustainable energy with no financial burden.

Cost-effective energy optimization solutions for prison and detention centers that promote safety and more productive members of society

With the costs of maintaining aging correctional facilities high, legislatures seek ways to reduce expenses while keeping correctional communities safe. We offer resources to finance budget-neutral energy optimization projects that drastically cut energy costs at prisons and detention centers; savings that can then be reinvested into communities to promote more productive society members, further decreasing prison populations.

Madison County

SmartWatt teamed with this rural county to reduce maintenance, enhance occupant comfort and achieve sustainability goals by implementing a bundled energy systems optimization project. The project was funded through an energy performance contract, requiring no up-front capital and the ability to use the guaranteed energy savings to pay for the project, which included optimization of mechanical systems, building envelopes, lighting systems, building automation systems, and the addition of tint film to windows.


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“It has been a pleasure working with SmartWatt. The project was run very smoothly and efficiently, and the results have been phenomenal.”

Kevin Loveless    |    Building Maintenance Supervisor

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