SmartWatt Defines New Brand With Energy Systems Optimization

SmartWatt is defined by what we do and how well we do it. But what we do has evolved over the years — to keep up with the ever-changing needs of our clients — and now we have a new term for our work: energy systems optimization. SmartWatt defines this term as factoring into account the human, financial and energy impacts when designing each project.

This customer driven definition is just one result of a rebranding process that also includes a new name — just SmartWatt — and a new website and new logo.

“SmartWatt has grown and evolved since it started in 2002,” said President Chris Covell. “Today, we offer bundled energy systems optimization solutions to our customers.”

The new brand will be revealed at the company wide summit in Saratoga Springs, New York January 24-27, 2017.

Covell said the brand enhancement is more than just a logo makeover, it signifies an expansion of bundled energy systems offerings to keep up with customers needs.

“It is a reflection of SmartWatt’s commitment to evolve, innovate and adapt to the changing needs of our customers,” he said.

SmartWatt’s Marketing Department worked with key company leaders for six months to create new content and collateral. The company also hired outside firms to develop a new website with cohesive and consistent messaging. The company now has an official color pallette with the new logo as orange and taupe, as well as an official font that will be used on all external social media pages and the company website. These brand will be used in new office signage as well as new attire offerings.

“It was important to make this investment, to catch up to who we are and to show our clients and competitors we stand alone as an energy systems optimization company,” Stewart said. “This level of branding speaks to who we are and that no one else focuses on the collision of energy, financial and human impact when offering solutions.”

SmartWatt is unlike any other company in the world, Covell said.

“We are a different kind of energy systems company. We focus on the human, financial and energy impact of each project and we call that energy systems optimization,” Covell said.

To learn more about the company’s approach, watch Covell talk about SmartWatt here.

The Marketing Department staff relied heavily on engineers and other vital staffers to learn more about the intricacies of area of expertise and the scope of work being done for clients.

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