Energy Trust of Oregon Teams With SmartWatt to Help Small Businesses Save on Energy

Small businesses often have dim, inefficient and energy-intensive lighting which results in unsafe areas, low productivity and high utility bills, forcing owners to spend money they would rather invest in their business to stay competitive. Energy Trust of Oregon and SmartWatt are working together to change that through Small Business Energy Savings.

Small Business Energy Savings offers rebates and 0% financing for qualifying business owners to replace inefficient lighting with energy efficient lighting and controls. SmartWatt energy experts are experienced in designing and installing LED lighting solutions that reduce energy, improve conditions for users and lower utility costs.

Upgrading to energy-saving lighting equipment can also streamline operations, enhance workplace productivity and improve employee and customer comfort, making a positive impact on the business’s bottom line.

Making an investment in energy efficient lighting equipment brings a fast return, often paying for themselves in a year or less.

For more information on Small Business Energy Savings, visit Energy Trust of Oregon’s website.

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