SmartWatt’s small to medium-sized business energy solutions offer businesses customized upgrades, utility incentive procurement, and minimal disruption to operations. Budget-conscious small or medium sized businesses that are operating on thin profit margins are particularly susceptible to high energy costs which can force companies to delay expansion initiatives, scale back on hiring employees, or shutter entirely. Financing concerns often lead entrepreneurs to think an energy optimization project is out of reach.

Our Approach

We offer customized system upgrades to reduce your energy costs so that you can invest more in your business, employees and customers.

We evaluate how users occupy each space and tailor solutions around them to enhance their satisfaction, safety, productivity, and comfort.

We implement your project during normal operating hours with minimal disruption so that your business can continue meeting its goals.

We find incentives and offer creative financing so that you never have to divert capital from your business’s core mission or your people.

PeeWee's Place Restaurant

PeeWee’s Place is a full-service restaurant and bar located in Crescent Springs, Kentucky. It was established in 2006 by owner, Tim Reese. The restaurant was built in 1956 and had never been properly maintained, resulting in high energy and maintenance costs, and a dimly lit restaurant.

Interior and exterior lighting upgrades, plus refrigeration measures helped Tim significantly reduce his energy costs, and has enhanced the aesthetics of his restaurant. The new LED lamps’ color temperature has transformed the restaurant, giving it the warm and inviting look and feel that Tim was searching for.


Annual Savings





“The electric savings have been incredible.  Working with SmartWatt has been one of the best experiences I’ve had, and the results have been fantastic.”

Tim Reese    |    Owner