From Sales Auditor To Sales Manager: Chris Mastrianni Digs His Way To A Fulfilling SmartWatt Career

Despite having sales experience, the economy hit Chris Mastrianni’s life hard. While looking for a job, he was working as a landscaper, picking weeds, digging ditches, and mowing lawns in the scorching Albany, NY sun, yet barely getting by.

“I was in a rough patch in my life – talk about a humbling experience,” he said.

He knew there had to be a better way.

He applied for job after job and finally honed in on the only job he really wanted — a sales auditor position at SmartWatt in Syracuse, NY.

Chris was a perfect fit for the position and was offered the job. He soon was packing and began learning the ropes in his sales auditor position.

That was five years ago.

Today, Mastrianni is the Sales Manager in Cincinnati for SmartWatt’s Ohio/Kentucky Small Business utility program.

“I transferred to start that program and I am very glad I did,” he said. “To be able to be involved in training others and get a program up to speed is something I really enjoy.”

The 35-year-old also bought a house and got married, making Cincinnati his home.

Now he is looking for someone just like him — hungry and ambitious — to for a sales auditor position in SmartWatt’s Cincinnati office.

“I am looking for someone with sales experience who is looking for a career and wants to reap what they sow,” he said.

Central Business Unit Manager Geoff Brigham said the right candidate will also fit into the SmartWatt culture of fun meets competitive.

“They don’t need to know anything about energy systems optimization, per se, but they need to be passionate about customer service and sustainability,” he said. “We won’t stop until we find that unique and special person who is really motivated.”

The bulk of a sales auditor’s workload consists of qualifying small businesses for a utility’s incentive program in order to reduce their load from the grid. Some utilities pay up to 80 percent of the cost of a project, making it more affordable for small business owners to undertake necessary upgrades at their business. Projects can include anything from installing LED lights to implementing controls on HVAC equipment.

Since 2014, SmartWatt has helped 2,500 small businesses in Ohio and Kentucky complete upgrades that save energy and costs, while making their businesses more aesthetically pleasing and modernized, Mastrianni said.

“To help small business owners everyday make their business better and save them money to help them stay in business is so fulfilling to me,” Mastrianni said. “All the small business owners are happy to see SmartWatt staff walk through their doors because they know we have their best interest at heart.”


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