University of Rochester: Lighting Upgrades

While historic and beautiful, many of the University’s century old libraries, lecture halls, and field houses contained poor lighting and controls. Even facilities constructed a few decades ago relied on lighting systems that are considered inefficient and expensive by today’s standards.

Beginning with Wilson Commons Student Union, SmarttWatt provided lighting upgrades to facilities across the campus, and installed both controls and exterior lighting upgrades to lower operating expenses and increase illumination outdoors.

Safety and energy savings were the key drivers of the energy systems optimization projects completed by the University of Rochester and SmartWatt. The outdoor lighting upgrades received tremendous positive feedback from users, the parking group, and the security group. The control systems allow for reliable distribution of interior and exterior lighting, especially at night, creating a safer and more secure campus for students, staff, and visitors.

In addition, there has been a dramatic reduction in maintenance and energy costs as LEDs use power efficiently, require minimal service, and yield a lower heat output which saves on cooling costs. Since 2013, the campus has logged an estimated 62% reduction in lighting energy use, and $323,000 in energy and maintenance savings. The Wilson Commons project realized an impressive ROI of less than three years.

Annual cost savings: $323K
Annual carbon dioxide reduction: 1,704 Tons

“Working with [SmartWatt] is always a great experience. The team is professional and have a get it done attitude, while understanding the stresses and parameters we have in terms of schedule.” -Doug Grotke | Project Manager

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