Town of Randolph: Street Lighting Upgrade

To save on monthly energy costs and make public spaces safer, the Town of Randolph wanted to upgrade 400 exterior lights in the small Vermont town.


The Town of Randolph partnered with SmartWatt to optimize existing exterior lighting systems. The $126,000 project was completed in a one month period in 2015 and has simultaneously improved the efficiency, aesthetics and safety and safety of the town’s facilities. Specifically, 84 street lights were upgraded and a tennis court now features LED lights. The newly installed LED fixtures were integrated with the town’s existing control system giving them full control of their lighting systems.


The Town of Randolph saved $6,051 in maintenance costs annually and an additional $19,387 in energy costs. In addition to the financial and energy impacts, the lighting improvements have increased the quality and quantity of lighting, enhancing the safety and security at night for all citizens.

Annual maintenance and energy savings for town of vermont

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