Snyder’s Lance: Retrocommissioning & Mechanical System Optimization

Snyder’s Lance’s existing building automation system was not fully optimized and integrated with all building HVAC equipment, causing inefficiencies and lack of equipment control for staff. Additionally, the existing air conditioning system was outdated and energy intensive, causing significant energy waste and an opportunity for retrocommissiong of existing systems.

Snyder’s Lance partnered with SmartWatt to implement a bundled energy systems optimization and retrocommissioning project to improve and optimize the building automation system and mechanical equipment. The solution include new mechanical systems, retrocommissioning of the existing building automation system, and employee training on proper operating sequence and set points for the newly added and existing mechanical equipment. Technical software use training, advanced programming training and troubleshooting training for the building automation system was also provided within the training session.

The retrocommissioning of the building automation system and updated air conditioning system helped Snyder’s Lance reduce energy consumption and optimize the efficiency of building energy systems.

Annual energy savings: $76K
Annual natural gas savings: 63K therms

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