Saint-Gobain: Advanced Lighting Controls + LED

The manufacturing plant and distribution warehouse were outfitted with a mix of fluorescent, metal halide, and high pressure sodium light fixtures equipped with dimmable ballasts and individual on/off fixture motion sensors. The lighting system was five years old and created the following challenges for the customer: maintenance costs and time, high energy costs and uneven distribution of light. Due to these challenges, Saint-Gobain was interested in pursuing an advanced lighting control and LED energy system optimization project.

To reduce the costs to operate and maintain the lighting systems, and increase light levels for staff, a new lighting systems and advanced lighting controls were installed throughout interior and exterior areas. The energy systems optimization project included a new lighting design to enhance the distribution of lighting, and the installation of LED lamps and wireless advanced lighting controls.

The new lighting design, light levels, and even distribution of light has resulted in positive feedback from the users of the space. With the advanced lighting controls, the customer has the ability to group fixtures from a similar area together so that they respond the same – dimming when the floor is unoccupied or coming on all at once when activated by motion. With the HID system, each fixture had its own sensor, causing lights to turn on one-by-one. Mike Spirawk called this the “Paparazzi Effect,” stating that “Staff disliked it and felt it was distracting. With the new lighting system, I have heard nothing but positive feedback from the people on the floor. It looks great and everybody loves it.” Additionally, the cost to maintain and operate the lighting systems has been reduced dramatically, due to the efficiency and long life-span of LEDs, and the ability to control fixtures at a more granular level with the advanced control system.

Lighting cost reduction (manufacturing plant): 92%
Lighting cost reduction (warehouse): 82%
Payback period: 2.9 years

“SmartWatt brought the expertise that I wanted. I needed someone who was experienced and would help me determine what my needs were and how to meet them most efficiently. That was SmartWatt.” -Mike Spirawk | Continuous Improvement Engineer

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