Rim of the World Recreation & Park District

The Rim of the World Recreation and Park District encompasses a vast area of approximately 110 square miles. Like many other Special Districts, Rim of the World is challenged to do more with less. Inefficient lighting and lack of centralized controls for sites throughout the district have been wasting energy and impacting their budget.  While they understood that reducing their energy consumption through various energy efficiency upgrades would reduce their operations and maintenance costs, they lacked both the personnel and funding needed to implement the upgrades.

After conducting an energy audit, SmartWatt recommended upgrading lighting (both inside and out) to high-efficiency LEDs, adding basic lighting controls, installing network thermostats to centralize control of HVAC systems in all district sites, and installing a solar PV system to reduce energy consumption and reliance on the grid. SmartWatt helped the district secure the funding needed for all upgrades by using an Energy Performance Contract combined with a low-interest loan from the California Energy Commission.

In addition to reducing the district’s energy costs, the combination of efficiency measures will dramatically improve the comfort and safety of district facilities.

  • $9,723 Annual Energy Cost Savings
  • $1,221 Annual Maintenance Cost Savings
  • Reduction of 42 Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide Annually

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