Price Chopper: Lighting & Advanced Lighting Control

Price Chopper’s distribution warehouse in Rotterdam, NY was equipped with inefficient lighting technologies that were causing uneven light levels for staff. Additionally, the lighting system featured a basic control system which did not give staff full control and remote access of the lighting systems.

Price Chopper partnered with SmartWatt to implement a lighting optimization project to improve the quality of lighting, reduce energy costs, and achieve central control of all lighting systems. The solution included a new lighting fixture layout to enhance distribution of light, and the installation of new LED lighting fixtures and a wireless advanced lighting control system.

The new lighting design, light levels, and even distribution of light has resulted in positive feedback from the users of the space. Additionally, the cost to maintain and operate the lighting systems has been reduced dramatically, due to the efficiency and long life-span of LEDs, and the ability to control fixtures at a more granular level with the advanced lighting control system.

Annual energy savings: $64K
Payback period: <2 years

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