PeeWee’s Place Restaurant: Small Business Lighting Upgrades

PeeWee’s Place is a full-service restaurant and bar located in Crescent Springs, Kentucky. It was established in 2006 by owner, Tim Reese. The restaurant was built in 1956 and had never been properly maintained, resulting in inefficient and antiquated equipment, high energy and maintenance costs, and a dimly lit restaurant. Tim’s restaurant is the go-to spot for the local community, and Tim prides himself on providing an inviting and friendly atmosphere for customers to come, eat, and drink. The existing lighting in the restaurant was dim and the color temperature made the space look dull and yellow, resulting in an atmosphere that was not optimal. Due to these challenges, Tim was interested in pursuring lighting upgrades to his business.

To reduce maintenance and energy costs, enhance occupant comfort and the aesthetics of the restaurant, Tim Reese partnered with SmartWatt to complete an energy systems optimization project, which included interior and exterior lighting upgrades, and refrigeration upgrades.

This energy systems optimization project has helped Tim significantly reduce his energy costs, and has enhanced the aesthetics of his restaurant. The new LED lamps’ color temperature has transformed the restaurant, giving it the warm and inviting look and feel that Tim was searching for.

Annual cost savings: $4,950
Utility incentive: $8,778
Payback period: 12 months

“The electric savings have been incredible.  Working with SmartWatt has been one of the best experiences I’ve had, and the results have been fantastic.” -Tim Reese | Owner

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