Our Lady of Hope Residence


The Our Lady of Hope (OLOH) Residence is a senior citizen home in Latham, New York. Built in 1975, the OLOH staff began exploring energy-efficient initiatives aimed at providing their residence with a more comfortable home while reducing operational costs. SmartWatt’s East Business Unit worked with OLOH to design a multi-phase sustainability project that achieved dramatic energy cost savings while improving the efficiency, air quality, aesthetics and comfort of the staff and residents.


The OLOH goals were to dramatically improve the air quality and comfort, reduce the facility’s environmental impact, save on energy and maintenance costs, and modernize the building.


The OLOH staff contracted with SmartWatt to conduct a full-building energy audit of all electrical and mechanical systems at the Latham facility to identify potential energy saving solutions, and designed a multi-phase sustainability project.

Phase 1: Interior lighting and advanced lighting control upgrades, resulting in a 50% reduction in lighting energy costs.

Phase 2: SmartWatt engineered a multi-measure energy-efficiency project, which included the refurbishment of air handlers, the installation of new terminal units, the installation and commissioning of an energy management system, a new condensing hot water boiler system and the installation of a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system.

The improvements to the air handling units, installation of new terminal units, a new domestic hot water boiler system, energy management system, and the CHP system helped the OLOH save $82,528 annually.

687 tons of C02 reduction

734 acres of trees planted

501,747 kWh annual electric savings

133 Vehicles removed from the roads

47,111 therms of annual natural gas savings


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