Mississippi State University: Lighting Sustainability Project

Mississippi State University’s campus buildings were equipped with outdated and energy intensive lighting systems that lacked technologies to control them. As part of its commitment to creating a sustainable and optimal campus environment for students, staff, and teachers, the University explored a lighting sustainability project.

Mississippi State University partnered with SmartWatt to complete a multi-phased sustainability project throughout two million square feet in buildings on campus. The existing inefficient lighting technologies were replaced with high-efficiency LEDs. More than 30,000 fixtures were installed throughout lecture halls, dormitories, common areas, parking garages, and sports facilities. The new fixtures were equipped with advanced lighting controls, allowing fixtures to be dimmed or turned off automatically based on a preset schedule or space occupancy, resulting in more granular control of the systems and increased energy savings.

The new lighting systems have helped the college reduce energy and maintenance costs while improving the safety, security, and aesthetics of campus buildings.

Upon completion of the project, presentations were held by SmartWatt for students to educate them on the energy efficiency measures installed and on the positive impact, these sustainability initiatives had on the campus and community.Mississippi State University Annual Energy Savings


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