Fulton County: Bundled Energy Systems

Like many counties, Fulton County, located in Upstate New York, was grappling with aging, inefficient energy equipment and controls.  The county  wanted to reduce their energy consumption, lower their utility bills, and enhance employee and visitor comfort in their municipal buildings — but finding the capital for the energy upgrade was going to be a major challenge.


The county partnered with SmartWatt to implement a bundled energy systems optimization project. The project was funded through an Energy Performance Contract, requiring no up-front capital and the ability to use the guaranteed energy savings to pay for the project. The energy systems optimization solution included a new building automation system, upgrades to mechanical and lighting systems, building envelope enhancements and water conservation measures.

This energy systems optimization project has allowed the county to upgrade aging equipment and easily automate and control all HVAC equipment, while enhancing occupant comfort, reducing energy consumption and having a positive impact on the local environment.

SmartWatt is entering into construction on Phase 3, which includes new interior LED lighting along with control component upgrades at the jail.

Project cost: $1.4M
Annual energy & maintenance savings: $88K
Year 1 guaranteed savings achieved.


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