ConAgra Foods: Lighting Systems

In 2010, ConAgra Foods launched “Recipe for Growth”, a five-year company-wide strategy dedicated to corporate citizenship. As part of this strategy, the company focused on reducing energy consumption at all plants nationwide through the implementation of energy systems optimization projects. As of 2012, four ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston facilities in Richland, Quincy, & Boardman, WA and Park Rapids, MN had made efforts to reduce their energy consumption, successfully achieving ENERGY STAR certification.


ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston/RDO in Park Rapids, MN teamed with SmartWatt to replace aging and inefficient lighting systems throughout processing spaces and a freezer warehouse. The organization’s goals were to dramatically improve the quality and
quantity of light throughout their facility, in order to enhance comfort and safety for employees, while reducing energy consumption.


This energy systems optimization project included the replacement of 1,266 metal halide and T-12 fluorescent lighting fixtures with LEDs throughout processing, packaging, storage, office, restrooms, maintenance, loading dock, and freezer warehouse areas. The new LED fixtures require less energy to operate while providing a higher quality and quantity of light.


With the new lighting systems, ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston/RDO has improved the uniformity of light and increased the illumination throughout their spaces. This has improved working conditions for employees by enhancing safety and aesthetics.

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