California Senate Energy Committee Tweaks, Approves Prop 39 Deadline Extension

In a 10 to 1 bipartisan vote, California’s Senate Energy & Utilities Committee approved legislation Tuesday to extend Prop 39 funding for energy efficiency projects at public schools throughout the state.

SB 518 now heads to the Senate Fiscal Committee and ultimately State Senate and Assembly floor votes. The proposed changes must also be signed by the Governor before the bill becomes law.

The bill proposes a number of changes to the current program, including:

  • Extending Prop 39 funding indefinitely
  • Setting aside a fixed amount for low- or no-interest project and technical assistance loans, as well as a separate amount for school bus upgrades; and
  • Substantial changes to the Implementation Plan application and verification criteria.

Prop 39, also known as The Clean Energy Jobs Act of 2012, earmarked $2.5 billion over five years for clean energy installations at K-12 & Community College districts; the program has reduced operating costs, improved school safety and health, and created clean energy jobs and training for California labor.

To date, $1.4 billion in Prop 39 funding has been provided to local education agencies throughout the state, helping them reduce energy consumption and improve the teaching environment for students, teachers and staff.

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