Advancing Your Commitment to People, Planet and Performance

It’s been a pleasure meeting with members of the PolyOne team – learning more about your Sustainable Solutions Portfolio, Sustainability Promise, and commitment to increasing energy efficiency at all PolyOne plants.

The energy optimization projects you’ve administered to date are already making an impact, but we’re confident more can be done to reduce PolyOne’s energy use and costs.

No capital required.

Our Energy-as-a-Service program provides customers with a risk-free way to optimize energy systems, increase profits, reduce operating expenses and dramatically improve working environments – without any initial capital investment. And it’s helping companies like PolyOne manage their energy portfolios more effectively.

SmartWatt optimizes energy systems that stand the test of time. We engineer. We innovate. We empower what's possible.

SmartWatt is an Energy Program Developer providing customers with all the necessary financial, technological, construction, measurement, reporting, and monitoring building blocks they need to implement portfolio-wide energy efficiency upgrades.

Commercial + Industrial

Would you like more information?

Interested in hearing more about how SmartWatt can help PolyOne save energy and reduce costs? Give us a call or provide your contact information and we will be in touch.

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