Federal, state and local governments are often saddled with aging, inefficient energy systems that waste energy, drain critical financial resources and negatively impact the environment. While optimizing energy systems will reduce energy consumption and utility bills, many organizations lack the startup capital and/or personnel to tackle much-needed energy upgrades.

The good news, is that there’s a risk-free way to optimize energy systems without impacting the bottom line.

Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) is a budget-neutral financing approach that allows government entities to make building improvements that reduce energy and water use, and increase operational efficiency.


Government organizations can use an ESPC to pay for today’s facility upgrades with tomorrow’s energy savings— without tapping into capital budgets.


The Benefits

No Captial Required
Government agencies can complete their energy saving projects without up-front capital.

Positive Cash Flow
ESPC provides immediate savings as agencies retain a portion of the energy, water and maintenance savings.



Guaranteed Results
ESPC agreements specify and guarantee performance-based outcomes (energy levels, light levels, water reductions, operating efficiencies, etc.)



Improved Working Conditions and Productivity
Energy system optimization projects that include enhanced lighting and/or mechanical systems improve occupant comfort and productivity.

An energy performance contract is a tool that allows public entities to partner with an energy systems optimization company to complete design-build projects that achieve modernization of infrastructures and are guaranteed to be budget neutral.

Project costs are paid for over time by the guaranteed annual savings realized from the energy systems optimization, and any savings shortfalls are reimbursed to the customer. Many states have enabling legislation to encourage public organizations to take advantage of performance contracts with a qualified energy systems optimization company.

Achieve greater success with investment grade audits of your organization’s energy use

In order to capture your facility’s total energy consumption, SmartWatt performs investment grade audits to identify and evaluate areas of inefficiencies. Our recommendations for your custom energy system forecasts efficiency savings to put your organization on the path to success.

We’ll always be there to meet your needs with service contracts and warranty support

Getting your energy optimization system up and running is just the start of our partnership with you. SmartWatt provides flexible, ongoing service contracts and warranty support to make sure your system stays optimized so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Enjoy all the benefits of your energy system with measurement & verification

It is not enough to simply forecast the potential cost savings of your energy optimization system. We deliver hard evidence of savings through our reliable measurement and verification process. We constantly monitor the performance of your system to ensure it is delivering maximum energy conservation and value to your organization and its people.

Improving quality of life for all with cost effective solutions to reduce energy consumption in government facilities

With a UESC, SmartWatt works with your utility to provide budget-neutral turnkey solutions. The agency repays the project costs over time with the cost savings, and once fully paid, can direct the savings to improving lives.

Madison County

To reduce maintenance, enhance occupant comfort and achieve sustainability goals, the county worked with SmartWatt to implement a bundled energy systems optimization project. The project was funded through an energy performance contract, requiring no up-front capital and the ability to use the guaranteed energy savings to pay for the project, which included optimization of mechanical systems, building envelopes, lighting systems, building automation systems, and the addition of tint film to windows.


Project Cost




Annual Savings

“It has been a pleasure working with SmartWatt. The project was run very smoothly and efficiently, and the results have been phenomenal.”

Kevin Loveless    |    Building Maintenance Supervisor