NYAPPA To Hold Summer Conference This Week

The New York Association of Physical Plant Administrators (NYAPPA) is holding its summer conference July 11-13 in Buffalo, New York.

The conference, aimed at networking and providing educational sessions, will take place on the campus of SUNY-Buffalo. SUNY officials, vendors serving the industry and plant administrators will all be in attendance.

Ryan Robinson, an energy expert and member of NYAPPA, is looking forward to attending the conference and educating others about the types of energy systems optimization projects other higher education organizations are doing throughout New York.

Energy systems optimization helps colleges reduce energy, which saves money, while balancing the impacts energy consuming building systems have on occupants. It also sets an example for others as a sustainability steward with a project design that reduces energy and improves facilities by making them brighter and more comfortable. This leads to an optimal educational environment where students can learn and professors can teach at peak performances. Students are also inspired to initiate and implement environmentally friendly practices in their own lives.

“It is exciting to go to these conferences and educate universities on how to make their physical plants and campus, more efficient and comfortable for the students, professors and staff,” Robinson said. “A solution for them may mean LED technology, water conservation measures or controls to better manage the energy systems that run a campus.”

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