LED Street Lights – Solutions for Municipalities

All across America, there’s a growing movement to bring LEDs to the streets.  At SmartWatt, we’ve seen the light for years.  Optimized LED street lights are a savvy improvement on outdated HID technology – and it comes with a huge return on investment.

LEDs come of age

Environmentally friendly, low-maintenance and economically enticing, solid state fixtures trump traditional HID fixtures on all counts.  What’s more, LED street lights provide better color, more even light distribution and minimal light pollution.  When you choose SmartWatt to oversee the conversion of your LED street lights, you provide an upgrade for your municipality that not only enhances the beauty and safety of your lightscape, but also can save 50 to 80 percent of electricity use.

It adds up to a street-smart idea with a very bright future. Tally all the advantages of LED street lights and you’ll see why cities and towns across the country are making the switch.

Better Performance. LEDs dramatically reduce energy use, are more efficient, offer more precise color rendering and light distribution, and support more lumens per watt than HID street lamps.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership. LEDs’ longer lifetime means a replacement interval of every 10-15 years versus the typical HID 3-5 year cycle – and that means vastly reduced maintenance costs.  SmartWatt offers a 10-year warranty on the LED fixtures we install.  And when it comes time to replace your fixtures, LEDs require no disposal cost.

Compliance with Green Initiatives. LEDs reduce light pollution, minimize wasted light, contain no mercury and leave a significantly smaller carbon footprint.

Lighting scope meets street

Consider this sample city street lighting project as an example of how we bring different elements together to form a comprehensive plan.  Let’s assume our customer’s goal was to meet or exceed current Illuminating Engineering Society recommendations and improve the quality of light.  The city primarily relies on high-pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures that require intensive maintenance, which is difficult for the city to provide.  The result is poorly lit secondary streets and compromised public safety.

SmartWatt’s strategy: We’d replace existing lighting fixtures with new LED fixtures containing the same or better lumen output. By doing so, our customer will eliminate the problem of glare. hot spots, poor visibility and energy waste.  All new fixtures will have a minimum efficacy rating of 100 lumens per watt and feature specialized technology for precise delivery of light.  A wireless lighting control system tied to a central server will provide 24-hour monitoring, failure reporting and diagnostics, and an option to shut off unnecessary lighting as needed.  SmartWatt’s comprehensive plan will have a number of important benefits: Decreased maintenance costs of as much as 100% of the existing maintenance budget, increased energy savings of approximately $30 per fixture, per year, improved public security and a responsive infrastructure.

Why SmartWatt?

Conversion to LED street lighting technology is one of the most effective energy-efficiency measures a municipality can undertake in terms of cost, ease of implementation, energy savings and payback period.  But efficiency goes beyond the type of lamp and fixture you can use.  A plan’s overall effectiveness has everything to do with how your lighting system gets designed, installed and monitored.  When you choose SmartWatt to design and install your street lighting system, be assured that your project will be completed by the brightest in the business.

SmartWatt has extensive experience working with a diverse range of municipalities, from small towns to busy urban centers. We bring together all the necessary criteria: expert assessment, a Model Lighting Ordinance based on lighting zones, state-of-the-art LED technology and a focus on maintenance-free design.  Our adherence to best practices delivers a triple-win of maximum economy. functionality, and sustainability.

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