Illuminating Municipalities’ Options For Street Lighting

Street lighting is vital to creating a safe and aesthetically pleasing community, but paying for the maintenance, operational, and energy costs associated with keeping streets illuminated can be a drain on your budget.

Often times, maintenance and operational costs are inflated when the local utility owns the fixtures and charges a premium to maintain them. This premium is assessed on top of energy usage and can be as high as $650 annually per light pole, whether or not the pole actually needs maintenance repairs. Many states, including New York and Pennsylvania, have legislation in place that allows municipalities to claim back their street lights from the utility, relieving these unnecessary maintenance fees.

Taking back ownership of street lights also gives municipalities the option to upgrade to LEDs, further reducing the burden of maintenance and operational costs as the fixtures are virtually maintenance cost and labor free during the fixtures useful life — SmartWatt often sees savings of 50-70 percent when compared to a customer’s existing systems.  Additionally, LED street lights allow for brighter and more evenly spread light, enhancing the safety of your streets, providing improved lives of your residents while they work, and play.

With an optimized street lighting system comes the ability to implement smart cities technologies, such as GIS mapping and live outage reports as well as track maintenance and energy costs.

Utilizing an energy performance contract to upgrade to LED street lights often results in no out-of-pocket costs,  plus a 25-year rated useful life projection and 10-year warranty on LED fixtures.

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