Wabash City Considering Guaranteed Energy Savings Contract To Fund Energy Efficiency Project

To combat high energy bills and failing energy systems, Wabash City, Indiana, is considering using Indiana Code 36-1-12.5 to update the small town’s aging infrastructure by installing new energy efficient equipment.

Ed Myers, Account Executive for SmartWatt, recently gave a presentation on Indiana Code 36-1-12.5 to the Wabash City Council about leveraging the legislation that allows the guaranteed energy savings to pay for the energy optimization project. Under Indiana Code 36-1-12.5, taxes aren’t increased to pay for the upgrades and the energy system optimization company that implements the measures will be on the hook for the difference if the energy savings is not met.

SmartWatt, a nationwide energy systems optimization company, has completed hundreds of projects utilizing similar state legislation.

To read more about the proposal being considered by the town 70 miles north of Indianapolis, click here.

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