Energy Performance Contract – Energy Optimization with No Out-of-Pocket Costs

Energy Performance Contract Means Guaranteed Cost Savings
With a SmartWatt Energy Performance Contract, clients can update facilities and reduce energy costs without the need for capital expenditures or political red tape. An energy performance contract pays for itself through energy savings guaranteed by SmartWatt – and we make it easy and no risk with our unique transparent process and open book pricing. We’ll audit, engineer, design, finance, install and manage your project. You defer capital expenses, while your new heating, air conditioning, lighting and control systems qualify for lucrative utility incentives and immediately generate positive cash flow.

SmartWatt will measure and verify the savings. All you have to do is decide how to invest the remainder. The energy performance contract boosts your overall energy efficiency and reduces the time and effort you spend on ad hoc fixes. At the end of the contract, you still have all the new equipment and retrofits, plus years of continued savings. What sounds too good to be true is actually the inherent reward of efficiency – it benefits everyone involved.

Optimized Building Performance
Our integrated, turnkey approach means SmartWatt is fully accountable for the success of the project. We customize design, devise retrofits and procure equipment to make your infrastructure up to date – and cutting edge. Our bundled energy projects range from lighting system replacements to complex integrated control system, heating, air conditioning and ventilation project designs. During the upgrade process, we phase our retrofits so that daily operations continue uninterrupted.

Best of all, energy performance contracts avoid the red tape. Performance contracts don’t have to go out for a public vote because they don’t increase taxes and don’t affect the debt limit. A better alternative to the traditional “low-bid” process, energy performance contracts provide better designs, systems, equipment and life-cycle performance. The SmartWatt approach to energy performance contracts is different than what you might be used to and more transparent than the standard performance contractor process.

Unwavering Accountability
SmartWatt’s experience with energy systems optimization rivals any performance contractor firm, but what you won’t get anywhere else is the transparency, collaboration and long-term relationships we forge with our clients. Our aim is to provide the best customer service, regardless of the scope of your project. We won’t keep you waiting when you need a quick response. Whether you are considering an energy contract for government, education or healthcare facilities, SmartWatt’s expert staff can meet all your needs.

The initial engagement is just the beginning. Once the design and construction phase has passed, SmartWatt sticks around. We’ll train your employees on the new systems, perform measurement and verification each year, and handle any warranty or maintenance issues. With our streamlined approach, you’ll get a window to your project throughout the process and easy-to-access assistance at any point in the life of your building.

Sustainability means commitment to the long haul. We’re there for every twist and turn. Responsive and resourceful, SmartWatt makes all possible contingencies painless to navigate.

Our Approach
We bring together all the necessary criteria – best-in-class engineering, state-of-the-art technology and customer-focused project management – to develop a new operations paradigm. Our adherence to best practices delivers a triple-win of maximum energy savings, financial returns, and enhanced environment for the users of the space.

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