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Cash strapped public schools across the U.S. educate billions of students annually on a shoe-string budget.  Every penny that can be is earmarked for student programs.  Which means that there’s little left for anything else — like energy-saving facility upgrades.

But, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 53% of schools need to make infrastructure upgrades just to provide ‘good’ conditions for students and staff.

SmartWatt can help.

Lighting typically accounts for as much as 30% to 40% of a school’s total energy costs – making it the second largest operational expense for school districts – just behind salaries. Optimizing lighting systems can cut those energy costs by more than half – in some cases up to 70%. Most importantly, every dollar saved by upgrading to energy-efficient lighting is a dollar available for student programs.

But cost savings is only one of the reasons schools should optimize lighting – improving student performance is another.


The SmartWatt Advantage

We sweat the small stuff. We ask the questions needed to gain an in-depth understanding of the specific needs of the teachers and students in each area of the school.

Customer focused, not product focused. SmartWatt is a product-agnostic, self-performing contractor. Schools benefit from greater efficiencies, reduced costs, and optimized solutions.

Best-in-class in terms of lighting capabilities, knowledge and experience.

Industry leading customer service/Net Promoter Score combined with a stellar safety record.

Sub-Sectors & Services

Freeing California school administrators from the time commitment required to successfully use state funding for energy optimization projects

California’s Prop 39 directs $2.5 billion to schools in order to make them energy efficient, but many districts don’t have the time or available personnel to use this funding. As a comprehensive provider, we responsibly handle every facet of a project, from initial audits, to delivering a custom solution, to managing contractors so that administrators can focus on education.

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Energy savings opportunities that give students and teachers the ability to achieve mutual success

Public and private K-12 schools must all make tough choices regarding where to direct their limited financial resources. We help free up budgets by drastically cutting energy costs with budget-neutral infrastructure upgrades where we front project expenses, and energy optimization solutions with verifiable results, allowing administrators to invest savings in students and their teachers so they can succeed.

Sustainable solutions for creating “greener” university campuses that enrich the higher learning experience for students and educators alike

Universities, even small ones, consume a significant amount of energy resources in their service as institutions of higher learning. We provide optimization solutions that include everything from solar PV installations to energy retrofits of lighting and HVAC systems, all designed to significantly decrease campus reliance on the energy grid, fostering sustainability and an environment where students and researchers can thrive.

Empowering energy efficiency education.

SmartWatt implements energy efficiency solutions that create environments where teachers can teach and students can learn. After the completion of energy systems optimization projects, SmartWatt then partners with schools to bring SmartEd to their students.

SmartEd is our hands-on innovative energy efficiency education aimed at getting students excited about energy systems optimization and provides real examples right in schools for students to learn how energy efficiency impacts them and their environment. In addition to an in school tour of the building’s energy systems and the impact recent projects have on their learning environment and the environment as a whole, students are taught the basics of various types of energy systems, like solar and LED lighting, as well as how electricity is measured. The class concludes with a few easy ways for students to save energy at home, along with some pointers on what is needed to pursue a career in energy optimization.

At SmartWatt, we are passionate about energy efficiency and giving future generations of industry leaders their first glimpse of how energy impacts their world and the people in it with just one idea and a little bit of SmartEd.

University of Rochester

SmartWatt worked with this private university in New York to optimize the energy systems housed in the century-old libraries, lecture halls, and field houses that weathered poor lighting and controls. Even facilities constructed a few decades ago relied on lighting systems that are considered inefficient and expensive by today’s standards. In May 2013, the school hired SmartWatt to implement lighting and advanced controls projects on the University’s sprawling 158 building campus.



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“Working with [SmartWatt] is always a great experience. The team is professional and has a get-it-done attitude, while understanding the stresses and parameters we have in terms of schedule.”

Doug Grotke    |    Project Manager

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