California Special Districts Association To Hold Annual Leadership Summit

The California Special Districts Association (CSDA) is holding its 6th annual leadership conference for special district general managers and management staff in Newport Beach, California from June 25-27.

The CSDA Leadership Summit is an opportunity to network and for managers and emerging leaders of special districts to stay current on governance best practices, state laws, human resource issues, pension reform, budgeting, risk management, and policies and procedures, said CSDA CEO Neil McCormick.

“In addition to our stunning location and our remarkable keynote speakers, the General Manager Summit also provides special district leaders with the opportunity to further strengthen essential leadership skills and discuss critical issues impacting special districts,” McCormick said.

The hope is that everyone will return from the CSDA Leadership Summit to their districts after two days of specialized training and education and be ready to take board relationships, staff members and their district to the next level, he said.

The summit will also include a trade show with dozens of industry vendors to showcase their products and services.

Energy experts Josh Veblen and Barnabas Path, members of CSDA, will be attending to highlight the work of their company, SmartWatt.

“SmartWatt specializes in energy systems optimization projects that reduce energy, save money and positively impact users of the space,” said Path, an Association of Energy Engineers Certified Energy Manager (CEM). “That could be new LED lights, water conservation measures or implementing solar PV systems to reduce district costs, become more sustainable and free up money to use as a safety net for the future. We are excited to be a part of the CSDA and educate its members on energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.”


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