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Recent Energy Star research reveals that the average commercial building wastes thirty percent of its energy — year-after year.  Optimizing a building’s energy systems eliminates this waste and dramatically reduces energy costs.

In addition to the energy savings, optimizing energy systems reduces operation and maintenance costs, increases equipment life and performance, reduces production downtime and improves employee comfort, safety and productivity.

Successful commercial and industrial businesses have discovered that the most effective approach to reducing energy usage and costs, is to take a portfolio-wide approach — identifying all viable solutions and integrating efforts enterprise-wide.

SmartWatt can help with this.  We help our customers achieve the maximum ROI on their energy investments by providing all the financial, technological, construction, measurement, reporting, and monitoring building blocks needed to implement portfolio-wide energy optimization.


Our Approach

We keep our customer’s unique needs and goals in mind at all times, developing customized energy solutions that deliver maximum energy savings, greater operational efficiencies and more productive working environments for employees.



A portfolio-wide program, accelerates procurement and implementation — resulting in faster energy savings. With our Energy-as-a-Service program, these savings can be be used to pay for the projects, eliminating the need for upfront capital.

Our energy experts utilize an end-to-end, single team of specialists to ensure corporate standards are applied to every site.

Our solutions are open-system centric and product-agnostic, ensuring we provide every customer with a system that meets all current needs and is capable of integrating with future technologies.


Solutions that enable commercial enterprises to focus on their core business of serving customers

High energy costs due to inefficient and aging systems can significantly impact a business’s bottom line, forcing a company to make hard choices on how to spend available resources. Through our Energy-as-a-Service program we provide all the financial, technological, construction, measurement, reporting and monitoring building blocks our customers need to implement portfolio-wide energy optimization. No capital required.

Industrial energy systems improvements so that facilities can meet stringent regulatory mandates while providing maximum comfort, safety, and productivity for all personnel

Both EPA mandates and environmental concerns are driving industrial and manufacturing plants to explore ways to reduce carbon emissions. We enable these operations to meet their energy goals by designing future-proof systems and facility upgrades around the users of the space so that workers can successfully and productively perform while achieving reductions in industrial energy system consumption and emissions for greater sustainability.

Saint-Gobain | Manufacturing & Distribution Warehouses

To reduce the costs to operate and maintain lighting systems and increase light levels for staff, Smart Watt teamed with this nationwide company to optimize its energy systems. LED lamps were installed throughout production, office, racking,  loading dock areas, and parking lots. A wireless advanced lighting control system was also installed, allowing fixtures in the same area to be grouped together and dimmed automatically based on a preset schedule or zone occupancy. The advanced lighting control system features open-protocol controls, which will allow the customer to integrate their lighting systems with other building systems and facilities over time.


Cost Reduction


kWh Reduction

2.9 Y

Payback Period

“SmartWatt brought the expertise that I wanted. I needed someone who would help me determine what my needs were and how to meet them most efficiently. That was SmartWatt.”

Mike Spirawk    |    Continuous Improvement Engineer

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