Grow the business, not the carbon

While Coca-Cola maintained it’s number one market position in 2017, competition remains fierce within both sparkling and still beverage industry. According to Bloomberg, the biggest cola rivalry in history between Coke and Pepsi is in “full swing.”  Fluctuating consumer demand and heightened competition mean that managing expenses is critical to maintaining your competitive edge.

Cutting energy consumption across Coca-Cola Consolidated’s 12 production facilities and 78 distribution centers will dramatically reduce operating expenses, increase profitability and support Coca-Cola’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions 25% by 2020.

We can help with that.

No capital required.

Our Energy-as-a-Service program provides a risk-free, turn-key solution to reducing energy consumption and operating expenses, improving working environments and boosting production and profitability – without any capital investment.

Why SmartWatt?

SmartWatt is committed to setting a new standard within our industry. To date, we’ve completed 24,000+ energy optimization projects for more than 17,000 clients, including FedEx, Pepsi, Kraft, Nestle, Bridgestone and Amazon.

We’re also the only Energy Optimization company offering a truly turn-key Energy-as-a-Service solution.  We combine unparalleled financial, engineering, construction, and measurement/verification expertise into our EaaS platform. And, since we are neither a bank nor a manufacturer – our only obligation is delivering the most effective energy solutions for your company.

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