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The City of Newport Beach’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and becoming a more sustainable community is an inspiration to cities across the state.  Your Energy Action Plan clearly outlines the steps needed to reduce the city’s energy consumption and improve environmental conditions for generations to come. Nevertheless, knowing what has to be done, and finding the budget to accomplish it, is a true challenge for many cities.

We can help!

We’ve helped municipalities across the nation optimize their energy systems and dramatically reduce utility costs.  We’re confident we can help the City of Newport Beach as well.

No capital required.

Our Energy-as-a-Service program provides a risk-free, turn-key solution to reducing energy consumption, operating/maintenance expenses and improving public building environments – without any capital investment.

Why SmartWatt?

SmartWatt is committed to setting a new standard within our industry. To date, we’ve completed 24,000+ energy optimization projects for more than 17,000 clients, including FedEx, Pepsi, Kraft, Nestle, Bridgestone and Amazon.

We’re also the only Energy Optimization company offering a truly turn-key Energy-as-a-Service solution.  We combine unparalleled financial, engineering, construction, and measurement/verification expertise into our EaaS platform. And, since we are neither a bank nor a manufacturer – our only obligation is delivering the most effective energy solutions for your company.

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Interested in hearing more about how SmartWatt can help the City of Newport Beach save energy and reduce costs? Give us a call or provide your contact information and we will be in touch.

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