Business Energy Efficiency Incentives & Rebates – NYSERDA (NY)

NYSERDA Incentives – Existing Facilities Program: Provides a broad array of different incentives to electricity and natural gas customers. Both pre-qualified equipment rebates and performance-based rebates are offered under this program. Projects must have a simple payback of fewer than 18 years to qualify. Incentives vary based on measure and location.

  • Eligibility: Commercial, industrial, non-profit, schools, local government, state government, federal government, agricultural and institutional electric and natural gas customers within the state that pay the Systems Benefits Charge (SBC). Incentives of up to 50% of installed project cost (i.e., electric and natural gas efficiency) or up to 75% of installed project cost (i.e., demand response).
  • Eligible Technologies: Lighting, lighting controls, chillers, furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, central air conditioners, steam-system upgrades, energy management systems/building controls, motors, motor VFDs, processing and manufacturing equipment, LED exit signs, commercial refrigeration equipment, data center equipment, food service equipment, interval meters, clothes washers, equipment insulation, programmable thermostats and other custom measures when submitted for prior approval

NYSERDA Incentives – Industrial & Process Efficiency Performance Incentives Program: Provides performance-based incentives to manufacturers and data centers implementing energy efficiency and process improvements that reduce energy costs. Incentives of up to 50% of installed project cost, up to $5 million per facility per year (electric) or $1 million per facility per year (gas).

  • Eligibility: Industrial and data center customers that pay the Systems Benefits Charge (SBC).
  • Eligible Technologies: Lighting, chillers, heat recovery, compressed air, motors, motor VFDs, processing & manufacturing equipment, data center equipment, LED lighting and other custom measures when submitted for prior approval.

SmartWatt is a certified NYSERDA contractor (trade ally) that can complete energy systems optimization projects for eligible customers in New York.

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