Building automation systems can lose sight of the human element, forcing people to take a back seat to the latest technology. Users who are uncomfortable with their control systems will never take full advantage of the benefits their building automation project has to offer.

Our Approach

SmartWatt puts people first by studying their behavior and then developing building automation systems that empower them.

We use open controls that do not bind customers in a service contract, allowing integration with many different systems.

We develop building automation systems that are scalable for future projects and new technologies.

SmartWatt puts you in control of your building automation project with accessible project managers and direct access to our experts.

Gain greater freedom and control of your building automation with easy system integration

While our competitors lock customers into service contracts and require proprietary equipment, SmartWatt uses open controls so your building automation system integrates seamlessly with different products. We give our customers the option of a service free contract, providing full control of your energy system, but will offer a plan to help you maintain the system if needed.

Get the most out of building automation with complete energy system access

In designing building automation, we study the behavior of occupants within the space and create a system based on that information, giving users unbeatable energy system access. With people at the helm of the controls, they can achieve the full advantages of building automation for optimal impact and user appreciation.

Enhance the quality of life of your people with improvements to your building automation system by balancing occupant comfort with energy savings

Not all building automation systems are created equal. SmartWatt ensures yours is delivering its best performance through facility audits and system improvements. By optimizing your system so it’s operating at its highest potential, we ensure its minimizing energy intensity and maximizing the convenience and comfort of people within the space.

Safeguard your energy investment with a future-proof system that evolves with time and expands with your organization

Advancements in technology can render today’s building automation system outdated and inefficient in only a few years. We guarantee your system stays fully optimized for both today and tomorrow, with a future-proof system that is expandable and scalable, adapting to new innovations and growth within your operation.

Coast College District

SmartWatt teamed with this California based multi-district college system to optimize its energy systems. The project included the optimization of HVAC systems, repairs to AHUs, building envelope upgrades, and new security and lighting systems. New controls were installed and all HVAC (VAVs, boilers, and AHUs), security keycard access, security camera, solar PV, plug load, and lighting systems were integrated together. The systems are accessible on a web-based user interface, allowing for easy access to systems for monitoring, master scheduling, and overall control.  The new building automation system features open controls, giving the district freedom to choose a preferred vendor to service all systems, and the ability to easily expand and integrate future controls into the same platform.


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Project Scale

“We’ve enjoyed our relationship with SmartWatt, and have worked with them for years because of the great work that they do.”

Jerry Marchbank    |    Director of Maintenance & Operations