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Ask The Expert: Correcting Misconceptions Surrounding Energy Performance Contracting

Kevin Wagner, an Account Executive at SmartWatt, hosted one of the break-out sessions at the 2019 SPEER Clean Energy Exchange.  We thought this presented a great opportunity to get some insights into the challenges that can keep organizations from achieving their energy goals. Kevin, what questions surprised you most during your breakout session? “It was …

Apr 22, 2019

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Building Automation Systems

Delaying Energy Upgrades Impacts College Budgets

Faced with declining public funds and/or dwindling tuition revenue, many community colleges are having to do more with less. Nothing new there. The challenge, of course, is to reduce spending without shortchanging students, canceling programs and demoralizing staff. As such, college business officers and facility managers play an increasingly important role, as they look for …

January 18, 2019

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Commercial & Industrial

What is Retrocommissioning and How Can it Help Optimize Your Infrastructures?

More and more cash strapped government, education, industrial and commercial entities are using retro-commissioning to optimize their facility’s infrastructures and energy systems to capture the “low hanging fruit” when it comes to energy efficiency opportunities. Retrocommissioning is the process of identifying improvements to a facility’s existing equipment and systems, so they are integrated and operate more …

Ben Stewart

April 13, 2017

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