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Pharma Companies Cutting Energy Consumption To Gain A Competitive Advantage

In what is now a highly competitive marketplace, Pharmaceutical manufacturers understand that increasing efficiencies and cutting costs can deliver a much-needed competitive advantage. Since improving efficiency plays a big part in reducing costs for pharma, it also increases predictable earnings.  Since the pharmaceutical industry needs to maintain critical environments for production in terms of temperature, …

Lee Goddard

Apr 29, 2020

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Wake Up! Human-centric Lighting Boosts Hospital Performance and Patient Recovery

Impaired sleep has long been a consequence of time spent in hospitals – affecting patients and caregivers alike.  Patients struggle with physical discomfort, noise, interruptions and inappropriate light exposure.  Caregivers suffer the consequences of long hours, shift work and, yes, inappropriate light exposure. Enabling the performance of visual tasks, controlling the body’s circadian system, affecting …

September 4, 2018

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Building Automation Systems

Ask the Expert: How Can We Help Hospitals Upgrade Energy Systems Without Breaking the Bank?

Vincent Marfe, the Operations Manager of our West Business Unit has over 30 years’ experience helping hospitals increase energy efficiency, reduce energy spending and improve indoor environments for staff, patients and visitors.  We sat down with him to discuss some of the challenges hospitals face – as well as some of the solutions that are …

August 27, 2018

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