SmartWatt’s South Business Unit generates accolades

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) EnergyRight® Solutions for Business+Industry program team awarded SmartWatt’s South Business Unit with the “Excellence in Performance Middle Tennessee District” Award.

The Business Unit also received a certificate of recognition for outstanding performance from Oncor, a utility company in Texas.

The award, given out mid-November to the company in the middle Tennessee district category, was based on kWh reduction and other Key Performance Indicators used to evaluate the success of a company in the Program, said Dan Edwards, SmartWatt’s South Business Unit Manager.

The Business Unit used their work at fortune 500 companies throughout the region as their project entry, said lighting engineer Corey Smith. The work was the Unit’s largest project yet and was completed by the operations team on a tight deadline, Smith said.

“It was a full team effort,” Smith said.

Edwards is proud of the Unit for their performance on this project but said his team outperforms on all projects, not just the ones where awards are possible, he said.

“This is a big deal for us,” Edwards added, “Our work to optimize our customer’s energy systems has really made a difference in reducing energy and saving money for them and it put us over the top of our competitors.”

The Business Unit was also nominated for “Excellence in Lighting.”

“We went from not being nominated for anything the previous year to two nominations and a category win,” Edwards said, “I am proud that our company goes after – and lands –  such large and great projects for us to work on, ultimately out-performing for our customers.”

Project Manager John Sonnier said SmartWatt’s optimal design saves clients millions of dollars annually and reduce energy from the grid, stalling the need to increase infrastructure. Smith was pivotal in designing the system and calculating ways to make it most energy efficient, Edwards said.

“We were up against some energy giants and this award helped us be recognized for our capabilities as a turnkey energy systems optimization company,” Sonnier said. “Now others in Tennessee know that we are a one stop shop for optimization projects delivered under budget and ahead of schedule.”

Dallas based lighting engineers Kevin Wolfe and Nick Tyler, along with project manager Dennis Purcell, were key team members in receiving the Oncor recognition for several successful projects in their program in 2016.

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