SmartWatt is a Centrica Business Solutions company. We take great pride in being nimble, agile and customer-focused while having the backing of a leading, multi-national energy company. This combination is truly unique in the marketplace, making SmartWatt one of the leading Energy Services companies in North America.

We take pride in creating proud customers.

We are a purpose-led, values-driven business. We make customers proud through our commitment to improving their performance and fueling their success.

We always stand with and behind our customers to get it right.

We are alongside and prepared to support our customers at every stage of every engagement to get it right: right for your project, right for your organization, right for your bottom line, right for your people.

We’re optimizing the business of energy to ensure better outcomes for all.

We set a new standard: to optimize the value of energy systems so that organizations save more, customers do more, and people thrive.

Setting a new standard through energy optimization.

We are a new kind of energy services company – an energy optimization company driven to maximize efficiency, and financial returns while ensuring energy systems deliver the comfort, security, and quality environments that allow people to thrive. Everything we do, along with the way we do it, reflects our deep commitment to ensuring our customers succeed beyond what’s possible.

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“SmartWatt brought the expertise that I wanted. I needed someone who was experienced and would help me determine what my needs were and how to meet them most efficiently. That was SmartWatt.”
Mike Spirawk | Continuous Improvement Engineer